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How Fantasy Football Auction Leagues Work

Fantasy Football has become a league of its own. People have enjoyed the idea of being a general manager of their own dream team. If you want to start your own fantasy football, you have to start at the auction leagues fantasy football draft board.

What is an auction league?

An auction league differs from a regular fantasy football draft. The auctions give you access to any player you want. The key to fantasy football auction leagues is to come up with a strategy that helps you get the strongest team possible. You can draft your team at any time until your team's roster is complete.

Before you start an auction, you have to set a salary cap. For example, you can have $100 as a set budget, and you have typically 14 spots to fill. You will create your roster with that budget in mind. Some players are more expensive than others. You have to develop a strategy that will help you make the most out of your cap.

Each player is put on an auction block. It is your job to bid on him. The bidding continues until every team in your fantasy league has a complete roster. Some players can be added to your roster for a $1. However, the bidding can go up for hot ticket players. When you are building your roster, you need to figure out how much money you are willing to spend on particular players. If you bid higher on one player, that might cost you to lose another one in the future do to lack of funds.

Why pick fantasy football auction leagues?

Having an auction league instead of the traditional drafting system used by the NFL does not change the game too much. It is a new way to approach the league. To be successful in an auction league, everyone has to be well-informed and prepared to make sure they get the players they want at the price they want. There is no cheat sheet that can help you be successful in an auction league.

Equal Opportunities

With an auction, you do not have to be lucky to get a player. You just have to outbid all the other fantasy general managers. With a traditional draft, the order is picked, and whoever has those early slots get a chance to get whoever they want on their roster. Auction leagues make fantasy football more democratic and more intriguing.

An auction league also allows you to draft more players on your team. It also helps keep the same people from winning every year, because it evens up the playing field. If you can out bid someone, that player can be yours.

Free Agents

Free agents can be a part of auction leagues. They are usually bid on at the end of the auction with any of the remaining money from the other draft or you could set up a fictitious budget for everyone to bid on free agents and hold a separate auction after the other auction.

What are some tips to be successful during a fantasy football auction?

1. Get Who You Want

The prized players may come with a higher price. For example, some of the best running backs can cost upward to $60, but if you have the money in your budget, get who you want. You will regret it if you do not. Some positions call for a little wiggling in your budget. A good solid quarterback is more important than the newest cornerback. You have to pick where you should spend your money, but if you have your mind set on a particular player. You should do whatever you can to adjust your budget to buy him when he is up on the fantasy football draft board.

2. Nominate High Price Players first

An auction works like this. Participants are placed in a nomination order. The first person can call out any player and start the bidding. When it is your turn to nominate a player, nominate a big ticket player who you do not want on your team. This strategy helps you bid up your fellow players. Once the players that you want are available, the other fantasy football players will have less money to spend, and you can easily out bid them for the players you really want.

3. Don't be the auctioneer

If you take the role as auctioneer, you will lose valuable time to strategically think about your roster. You need to study what the other managers are doing and adapt your process accordingly. If you want to be the best general manager, a stint as auctioneer will only be a distraction.

4. Do The Math

You need to have access to a fantasy football draft board a few days before the auction. Go through it and see who you want on your team. Put a bidding cap on all of them. If you have some money left over, decide who you are willing to use the money on during the auction.

Looking at last year auction results can help you do the math. You can use it to see if you are under valuing or over valuing certain positions.

5. Keep Track

A good strategy is to keep track of all the players that have been up for bid and how much they went for. Make sure you make note of who bought them. You can subtract the purchase price from that general managers money. It always best to know how much money your competition has left to bid with. It can stop you from overbidding.

6. Do not overspend earlier

This corresponds with tip number #2. You want your competition to overspend. You should not. It's a shortsighted way to build a team. If your competition overspends early, you will have the most money midway through the draft. You are now in control of the auction.

7. Spend all your money

Every team needs a few studs. No one wants a mediocre team. You should be prepared to spend all of your budget on players. Having money left over can be just as bad as overspending for a player. When you overspend of a player you are at least stopping the other teams from getting that player. Plus, you are getting a great player on your team. Just have a few alternative players in mind to make sure you spend your budget.

Fantasy Football auction leagues are a fun and exciting way to draft players. It takes cunning, preparation and supreme football knowledge to make a success out of an auction. Many fantasy football players find it fascinating, because they can use everything they know about football to get the best roster possible.