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The Basics of Fantasy Football

If you have never played fantasy football before, this is the blog post for you. Fantasy football has become extremely popular in the United States with an estimated twenty-seven million participants each year. If you have thought about trying fantasy football, or have wondered why your spouse gets so darn excited about it, here is a quick run-down for you.

Fantasy football is basically the ultimate dream for fans of professional football. When you play fantasy football, you become the general manager and coach of your very own team. You can compete against both friends and complete strangers depending on how you choose to play. Players of fantasy football use their knowledge of football to compete against other players.
The goal of the fantasy football player is to select the athletes or teams that will have the most impressive performances during a given week of professional football. In order to be successful at fantasy football, players must closely follow the happenings of the NFL and make better choices than their opponents. To win your fantasy football league, your team needs to score more points than the other teams in your league.

Every league may have different ways in which they build their team’s rosters. These rosters are finalized during the NFL pre-season. Each week, the fantasy teams, will play against one another. Points are earned based on players’ performances during real-life games. Each league has its own rules regarding how points are earned.

Most teams have a roster of approximately fifteen players. Like the NFL, most fantasy leagues have a play-off system in which the best teams play against one another in an elimination tournament to determine the league champion at the end of the season. There are many varieties of fantasy football, but most leagues follow these general guidelines for play.

Fantasy football can be played with a group of friends or even via an online pay-site which can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per week to participate. There is a vast amount of resources available online offering tips and assistance for playing fantasy football. So, if you are interested in pursuing more information, or possibly managing your very own fantasy team, it is not difficult to find information. Hopefully, this information has provided you with a basic understanding of fantasy football.