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The Virtual Football Craze is On

Fantasy football will be starting soon and players all across the nation can hardly wait. The Fantasy Football arena is growing steadily as more and more players have taken an interest in this new craze. With the popular sport having so many avid fans, no wonder these people have a fantasy of running their own football organization. Football fans, and online gamers in general, find this style of online sports gaming to be very exciting. The users become totally immersed as trash talking even becomes involved with some close friends who indulge in the game. Players bear in mind, that they are now in the hot seat — just where the owner and coach would be. They love it!

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football, by definition, is a virtual football game in which users draft players from other teams to form their ideal teams to compete against each other. Fantasy Football gives users full control of the management aspects of an NFL team; virtually of course. If nothing else, it gives users the feel of being in the front office calling all the shots.
A user’s primary focus should be compile a roster of superstars that can make as many yards and touchdowns as game times will allow. You will find that a lot of these rosters consist of 13 NFL players. Fantasy football teams actually do their draft before the season, so everyone has a chance in getting their name or team on the league board.

Types of Fantasy Football Leagues

Let’s look at the types of leagues there are. There are two: standard draft and head-to-head.

Standard draft. This is by far the most ventured league among online players and starts with the teams choosing their players in a shrewd draft. Virtual owners then plan their strategies by sorting lineups each week depending on the numbers of players that the league allows.

Head-to-head. Players (or teams) match up each week and the team that receives the most points is the winner, while the other one one loses. At the conclusion of the regular season, the teams with the best overall records will face each other in the playoffs to decide upon a champion.
Want to host a Fantasy Football draft party?

What better way to celebrate the new season than to host a draft party and inviting all your friends and possibly future opponents. If you’re going to be the host, then some of the following items may be a good suggestion:

1. Make a guest inventory list so you’ll know how much food and beverages will be needed.

2. Potato chips or nacho chips (cheese dip or sour cream dip). One might even contact all the players and take an inventory on desired food.

3. Make a draft board. This can be done with a poster board (or a big enough sheet of construction paper). You will also need index cards or note cards. Use markers so the writing is visible and legible for all the players to see. The board should be separated into as many sections as there are players. Every person’s team will be placed in these sections so it is a good idea to leave enough room under the player’s (or team’s) name depending on the way your league decides to do it.

4. Put up some streamers or maybe even the swirly decorations to liven up the place. You want people to be excited when they walk in and colors seem to pick up the pace. You should even consider (if it is in the budget) buying or designing a banner.

5. Make sure that you have access to all the sports channels. If you have satellite or cable — then you probably have access to ESPN. You’ll want your TV on this sports station at the time of the party.

6. You may want to have side contests in addition to the draft.

7. Potato chips or nacho chips (cheese dip or sour cream dip). One might even contact all the players and take an inventory on desired food.

8. Have a guest list and have your guest sign it and make comments. You may even be able to take up donations to host the next party.

Have fun with your new friends and conduct your league in a fair, but fun way. Make it exciting!